Monday, July 4, 2011

healthy heart

When you thing about cholesterol what do you thing good or a bad thing. Most people thing that it is a bad thing, but the honest truth is cholesterol serves some very important functions in the body. Cholesterol is a waxy substance which attached to the fats in our bloodstream and is present in all cell in our body. Where do we get cholesterol from. It comes from the food we eat and  as well manufactured in the body by the liver. Cholesterol is an important regulator in the body especially when it comes to hormonal formation.

What is HDL- high density lipoprotein is called the good cholesterol it helps filter the out the LDL from the lining of the arteries
What is LDL low- density lipoprotein- Is considered the dangerous cholesterol the cholesterol that builds up plaque over the years and causes  reduced circulation and possible damage to the heart.

The best way to reduce your saturated  in your diet is to limit butter, margarine and shortening. You also should trim the fat from meats to reduce the amount of saturated fats in your diet.You should limit the amount of fat include lard, bacon fat, gravy, nondairy cream sauce, cocoa butter or coconut cottonseed oils.
Controllable factors are such as diet and exercise which will help reduce cholesterol but their are always uncontrollable factors that a person can not change, such as family history, age and gender.
Your diet will need some changes, choosing to bake, grill or roast when cooking meat, limit saturated fats such as organ meat, whole milk and dairy products eating a lot of fish will help reduce cholesterol levels. quit smoking, reduce stress and an exercise program are all keys to changing  to a healthy lifestyle.
Avoiding fast food restaurants also help reduce your cholesterol level and to maintain a heart healthy diet.
Examples of some smart choices for breakfast include yogurt, fresh fruit, wholegrain toast skim milk, egg whites. Lunch choices include fruit and vegetables, lean lunch meat on whole wheat bread, salad without dressing that has high fat content. For dinner 4 oz of fish or lean meat bake or broilled ,salad , vegetables, brown rice or whole wheat pasta . When starting to change your diet don't change everything at once start slowly  and gradually start introducing healthier choices that meet you taste preference.
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