Monday, July 12, 2010

type 2 diabetes

What is type 2 diabetes?
Normally you body breaks food down into glucose and transferring it into your bloodstream. Insulin is a hormone made your pancreas.
Insulin help get the glucose from blood into your cells.
With type 2 diabetes your pancreas does not function properly and doesn’t make enough insulin or does not produce enough insulin.

How is type 2 diabetes managed?

It is up to you with the help of your physician to make changes.
Food chooses will be up to you, when, how much and what to eat.
You need to incorporate physical activity, take meds if needed to control your blood sugars.

What can I do to control my diabetes?

1. Blood sugar readings which includes your A1C ( a blood test that tells your Physician what your blood sugar has been running over 2=3 month period.)
2. Controlling your blood pressure.
3. Keeping your cholesterol number target ranges. It is very important to work with your healthcare team to make changes and maintain your goals.

Your meal plan will consist of counting carbohydrates.
Choose food low in saturated fats, lose weight if needed and increase the amount of fiber in you diet. Now let touch on each one of these topics:
1. Carbohydrate counting- Carbs include bread, tortilla shells, biscuit, potatoes, rice crackers, corn, peas carrots to name a few.
Recognizing what is a carbohydrate will help you to control your blood sugars. Usually your physician or dietitian or  will educate you on how many carbohydrate you should eat with each meal to help maintain consistent blood glucose target levels.

2. Low saturated fats- This can help lower your cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Foods high in saturated fats include meat, butter, whole milk, cream, palm and coconut oils.

3. Lose weight- By cutting portion size and increasing physical activity. By losing just 10% of your weight usually will improve your blood sugar levels.

4. Increase fiber in your diet-Include high fiber foods in diet such as fruit and vegetable, dried bean, whole grain breads and cereal. This will also help your blood sugar be better control.  These item take longer to digest and keep your blood sugars from spiking high and then dropping.

Physical activity is a great benefit, for someone with diabetes. Some of the benefits include lowers your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure and also keep your joints flexible

Prior to doing any physical activity you should be cleared by your physician.
Once cleared here are a few suggestions:
Gardening, taking the stairs, walking, dancing, bike riding.

Many people need medication along with meal planning and physical activity to reach their blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol goals.

These medication can be oral (pills) or you may have to take injection of insulin.

This is an overview of type 2 diabetes every person is different and your best resource is your physician this is meant for education purposes. See you physician for specific questions.

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